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Over the years, I've tackled many different design projects. But there's always one specific project that comes my way time after time. Resumes.

When a friend asks me to do a redesign for them, I'm so excited. Like, actually really excited. Because it means I'm helping with design, and I love that. There's very few instances in my design career that I feel like I'm HELPING. I mean, you can consider an advertisement or website design helping, sure, but resumes are more personal. You're letting me help you in your career, and that's just totally fab.

So, drum roll please...I now have a resume store! I've been selling on Etsy for years, and closed my shop for about a year as I concentrated on other projects. But voila, the store is reopened with a new help you get your next big job!

Except, here's the thing. My resume store has a different angle than all of the other Etsy resume stores...and I'll tell you why...

Etsy has some GORGEOUS resume templates for instant download. So I purchased one from one of the biggest sellers, and it was extremely intimidating.

You're provided with too many files, too many boxes to move around, too many things to read, and I imagine a non-designer would need hours to fill every piece out correctly.

Also. Sure, some of the designs are beautifully designed. But you can TELL it's a template. I've reviewed many resumes in my day, and the best ones are designed well without being overly designed. I don't need to see a ton of icons and colors from something you purchased (because I'm really just trying to find out about you...right?).

So what am I saying exactly? My MISSION is to provide classic resume design that's EASY for you to fill out. I want you to be able to effortlessly fill out my design and have an employer be WOW'd in the best way possible....without wondering how much you paid for that colorful template.

In the shop, you can purchase instant digital downloads in Microsoft Word format to fill in yourself. That's right, you get my beautiful designs to fill in at your own leisure...

Did I just hear about 20 designers heads explode when I said "Microsoft Word"? Trust me...designing templates in MW is no easy feat...which is why I ALSO feature custom design help where I design for you (in InDesign...I'm not a monster).

So whether you'd like an instant design to fill out at home yourself, or have me do it for you, there's something for everyone. New designs will be added periodically as I continue to build it up, so make sure to follow on Instagram to stay updated.

Head on over to my new RESUME STORE to take a look, and feel free to message me with any questions or specific projects. Happy job hunting my friends, I hope I can help!


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