Inspiration Through Instagram
(And Hitting the Unfollow Button)


Hi design friends! Let's talk about inspiration through Instagram, and why I've unfollowed a ton of accounts lately (and followed a few new ones!).

Just like Facebook in 2005, Instagram is where I'll take a few minutes to scroll for updates and inspiration throughout the day (I don't think I've scrolled through Facebook in a year 😐). So while Insta is still kickin, I started to realize my feed had filled up with lifestyle bloggers over actual artists. And I was like, how did this happen?

If you know me, or have followed for a bit, you'd know I loathe lifestyle bloggers (...or "influencers"...which one is it?). I find these people way too vapid, way too full of themselves, and they don't actually stand for anything. To continue... they only pop in to rallies for the photo, and too often say things like "I did it for the gram" 🤢)

So, I decided enough was enough. How did these girls sneak into my feed so easily? And was I to let them stay? Their posed photographs, lack of anything interesting to say, and fake laughter "for the gram" was uninspiring, so I hit the unfollow button, and haven't looked back. (to let's say, about 15 different accounts)

After that, I found a bunch of artists (designers, painters, etc) that are creating real work in the world, and hit that follow button. Making my feed wayyy more interesting.

I think it's important to not "hate like" people. I think a lot of us follow influencers and their posed fashion photos just to kind of be jealous and hate them a bit while also loving them...and it's not cool. I believe they hustle in their own way, but it's not real, and they're truly not contributing to the world. (Can you imagine telling your grandparents or great grandparents, who fought in a war, that you're an Influencer?)

So if you're reading this, I encourage you to go follow more artists and real people with real jobs on Instagram, and less of those chicas who post things just for likes. Because life is too short to just "do it for the gram". 🙂

Graffiti art (above) by @jasonnaylor, taken in Chelsea, NYC.

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