How I Create My Lettering Designs


Happy Sunday folks! I have a new one for I create my lettering designs.

My journey with hand lettering started with a sharpie and a white piece of paper. Many moons ago. This was before I purchased a stylus, before I realized what programs would work for me, and when I still thought drawing without technology was the answer.

If you're talented with a sharpie (or pen, pencil...whatever), then seriously, hats off to you. Because I'm not so great at it. Sure, I can draw, but one little mistake ruins the whole design, and I was wasting way too much paper.

So, I begrudgingly picked up my iPad, and downloaded Adobe Illustrator. I still hadn't bought a stylus, so I decided to act like a child and use my finger. This didn't get me very far. I also wasn't feeling great about Illustrator on the iPad. I felt there were a few limitations I couldn't get around.

After much googling to figure out what program I should be using, I found Procreate. The name of this program could definitely be better, but I was totally blown away. My iPad Mini wouldn't allow me to get an Apple Pencil (thanks're grand), so I hopped on over to Amazon and bought a Heiyo stylus for just $35 (take that, Apple Pencil!).

With Procreate and the Heiyo stylus, I can draw anything I'd like with a ton of styling options. Lots of brushes, pens choices, weights, etc. I very much prefer it to the Adobe programs since it's more specifically made for drawing on the tablet.

If you're looking to create some lettering designs like I do, check out the links below. And no, this wasn't sponsored, because I'm not that cool, and I do really enjoy these design tools. So I hope this helps your lettering journey...these are definitely my fav :)

Find out more about Procreate here. And you can find the Heiyo stylus here.

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