5 Ways To Be Inspired During Your Commute


I'm the type of person that needs a little me-time in the morning. I need time to make coffee, watch a little news, and prepare for the day.

I take the ferry across from Brooklyn to Manhattan each day, and it's always been a treat. It's nice to see the same faces all the time, and get a "hello" or "good morning" once in a while.

If you take public transport like me, there's a few things you can do during that time to find some creative inspiration. Some of my best ideas have come in the morning when I'm heading to work. To help you start your creative day, instead of checking emails, here's 5 things I do to find inspiration during my commute...

1. Turn up an energizing playlist. There's nothing that wakes me up more than an upbeat playlist. I always think of that scene in The Holiday (rom com fans, you'll get this) where Kate Winslet wakes up to Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet (see video here). I may not wake up as easily as she does, but a fun playlist during my commute definitely starts my day right. My go-to songs right now are Praise You by Fatboy Slim, Up All Night by Beck, and Jump in the Line by Harry Belafonte.

2. Flip through a design book. I purchase so many design books and don't seem to have enough time to look through them all. Luckily sitting on the ferry, the subway, or a bus is the perfect time. Right now my thing is picking one page at random from Adam J. Kurtz's Things Are What You Make of Them, which is a creative thought on each page, and thinking about what it means to me and how I can use it in my life.

3. Listen to a creative podcast. This one goes hand-in-hand I suppose with the energizing playlist. Some days it's hard to pick podcast vs music, but a podcast can give me some insight that I may not have had before. Right now I'm loving Meet the Creatives and How to Curate Your Life (British accents included in this one). Both these podcasts feature interviews with artists and designers and it's fun to learn what everyone's unique journey and process is. I love hearing other designer's stories and thinking, me too!

4. Unplug and observe your surroundings. This one goes against basically everything I just said, but on occasion, unplugging and just listening and watching your surroundings can be so interesting. I'm not advising you to eavesdrop on conversations or anything (well, at least don't get caught), but taking it all in during your commute can bring some great ideas your way.

5. Make lists. I love lists. I love making them. I love checking things off. I love getting them done. Making lists, whether it's blog posts I want to tackle, or just things I need to get done that day, clears my head and makes me feel accomplished. My commute can be the best time to write things down (while possibly listening to a podcast or playlist...multitasking!).

Hopefully these little tidbits will set you up for a creative day. Anything I've missed?

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