3 Ways I Find Inspiration


Finding inspiration can be such a chore when you go looking for it. Although, I'm pretty sure that can be said about a lot of things. Instead of searching for new ideas, it's best when it just comes my way. But I do have a few tools I rely on when it does: My iPhone camera, Pinterest, and New York City.

1. My iPhone camera: No matter where you live, there's some kind of design inspiration surrounding you. And the camera on your phone is your little helper. Taking photos each day of different signs, graffiti, advertisements...whatever...allows me to build up all of the things I see, and can be easily referenced when I need a little inspiration. Like these designs that didn't make it to my Instagram feed, but are happily sitting in my phone waiting to be looked at...

2. Pinterest: If you're not already using Pinterest, you should be. I don't go a day without browsing a new idea. It may seem like a given to use this source, but some people forget about it! It's best to categorize all of your findings. Like magazine spreads, business cards, packaging design, etc. If you need some help getting ideas, check out my page: Hey Heather on Pinterest

3. Lastly, New York City (and Brooklyn): While this may go hand-in-hand with my first resource (the phone camera), I have to give the city I live in a little credit. I love living in such a creative environment surrounded by artists, designers, and all of the other professions! Where else would I see Paula Scher's designs for The Public Theater, or doors with fun type...

No matter where you live, design is definitely all around you, and can be used as inspiration for your next big project. Just remember to take your phone (or actual camera) out, and collect your favorites. They'll come in handy!

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