Why I Love Printed Greeting Cards


It's 2017, and when you tell someone how much you love print design over digital, they look at you like you have three heads. But it just so happens that print design is a feeling, and there's a reason I love greeting cards so much...

We're all caught up with our screens, I totally get it. I'm there with you. But there's something about physical greeting cards over sending an email that is so personal and heartfelt. Handwritten cards are in your hand, given from one person to another, and evokes emotion. That's why I spent the afternoon shopping at Burson & Reynolds in Greenpoint...

I have a few events coming up, and I think I may have literally spent an hour admiring each card on the wall. But if you think about it, each designer took the time to make something cute, funny, caring, loving, and even snarky, and they each deserve to be looked at, don't you think?

The reason I love printed cards over digital notes is because of love. Because it shows you care. It shows you went out, thought of someone, and wrote them a handwritten note. With a pen! And then, you know, they can display it in their house somewhere. How great is that?

Greeting cards are way better than an email. Or any sort of digital note (don't you dare send a text!). Next time you need to show you care, send a cute card. It'll definitely go a long way!

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