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Every month I try to go to a few design events. I do this for a few reasons: 1. To learn something new about design, 2. To meet other creatives, and 3. To grow as a creative person. This week I just happened to go to two very different design activities, and I learned a lot both personally and professionally from each...

The first was Buzzfeed's monthly design talk. This is by far my favorite design event because each time features speakers from different companies. Some talk about their own personal career journey, others talk about what their company does, and my favorite is a discussion about a certain design topic. This week's highlight was a discussion about fear and creativity, and how the fear within ourselves effects us in all areas of our life. Sometimes it's refreshing to hear that you're not the only one afraid now and again, don't you think? Fear drives us, and we all have it.

The second event I went to this week was a last minute dash to Bowne Printers at the South Street Seaport Museum for a workshop on letterpress printing...

Truthfully, I didn't even know this amazing place existed until I found out a friend was hosting the workshop, and I immediately signed up!

Bowne Printers uses seven historic presses to create designs using custom plates and fonts. I experienced firsthand what it's like to place the paper into the press, pull the extremely heavy lever, and produce a one-of-a-kind print.

Just when I thought I needed to do more digital design, it turns out I prefer to go back in time! It was extremely refreshing to hear about the history of the printing press (shout out to Gutenberg in 1440) and see how intricate a tiny drawing on a wooden block truly is...I think I'd go blind making those teeny carvings. I'm officially ashamed of getting frustrated choosing a type on my computer screen!

I had such an inspirational week. From listening to the VP of Product Studio at Coach talk about her career path, to wiping ink off my hands from a giant printing press, I can definitely say I had a full creative week!

If you have any questions regarding these events, comment below.

If you have any design events you want to share with me, also comment below!

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