Design in My Brooklyn Neighborhood


Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse, West Street
I've been living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn for over 3 years now, and am quite literally watching the neighborhood change. From old signage, to new construction, the type I see changes day-to-day, and makes me really value certain signs I've been seeing for years.

Coco 66, Greenpoint Avenue

Howard Machine Design Corp, Norman Avenue
Lucky's Real Tomatoes, Meserole Avenue

Greenpoint Floral Co, Manhattan Avenue
No Parking Sign, Commercial Street
Five Leaves, Bedford Avenue
Graffiti art around the neighborhood
Cato's Army and Navy, Manhattan Avenue
Different parts of this neighborhood are good for spotting specific types of designs. If you're right above McCarren Park where all of the old warehouses still exist, you'll find hand-painted signs about loading dock info. If you're on Manhattan Avenue, you'll spot store after store of old lettering and new (my favorite is Cato's Army & Navy above).

American Package Co, Franklin Street
Frankel's Delicatessen, Manhattan Avenue
Frankel's Delicatessen, Manhattan Avenue
Calexico menus, Manhattan Avenue

Oak & Iron, Franklin Street

Letter board, Franklin Street

And one of my favorite designs around the neighborhood...letter boards, of course. The rare form of type that can change each day with the perfect message.

This Summer I'll be spending time in different neighborhoods getting to know how they approach graphic design and typography. If you have any suggestions, spots I need to check out, or even cities to visit, comment below. Who knows, maybe I'll even take this little type tour abroad!

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